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Don't mix your metaphors, stupid

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bang bang


December 13th, 2006

Tomorrow I have so many things due, it's slightly ludicrous. So what do I do instead of diligently pressing on? Update my journal!

Except, well, I don't have much to say. Which means I have reached the point of no-return. Me having nothing to say? That's even more slightly ludicrous than my procrastination-fueled workload!

Christmas shopping is done for the most part. Thank god for online shopping at 2 a.m. and thank god for British people who sell their shit on e-bay!

I would be excited for a nice long break from school except all the excitement has been beaten out of me by Route 31 and incompetent school counselors who cannot add/read/function. And if that is all it takes for the excitement of the blood to leave me, then gee am I fucked!

Tom Waits is my new obsession. Yay!

Final thoughts of the evening before I write like 8 more pages:
1. I really want a popsicle. Or a Fudgie Wudgie. But I have to be on the beach. So I want to be on the beach.

2. Today at lunch, I bit into my wrap and dressing got on my brand new dress. Dottie told me next time to put a napkin on my shelf.

3. I need to quit the library.

4. I really want that popsicle....

February 18th, 2005


bang bang
Because. Not that anyone besides those on my friends list reads my bitching, it's now friends only. Bitches.
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